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    Here we strive to be your partner in healing and support you on your path to greater well being.

  • Pregnancy & Pediatrics

    Chiropractic care during pregnancy can create a multitude of positive changes! It will help to build strategies for rapid changes in the body, creating balance in the pelvis & spine, controlling nausea and helping with proper positioning of the baby.


Life is filled with a series of emotional, physical and chemical stresses. These events make up who you are and how you walk through life. Many live fast paced lives in an effort to do as much as possible in the shortest amount of time and maybe, not listening to your body along the way. Stored tension can lead to decreased communication between the brain and the body. As the communication breaks down your nervous system can become overwhelmed, disrupting the body’s natural rhythms and ability to heal. Essentially your body gets stuck in a state of defense. This can affect posture, musculature, energy level, immune response and an over production of stress hormones.

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Welcome to Soulshine Family Wellness Center!

Here we strive be your partner in healing and support you on your path to greater well-being. At Soulshine, by increasing your awareness of what is really going on in our body, you can heal, change and evolve in our nurturing and respectful environment. It’s your time to shine and we look forward to being part of the process.

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