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    Here we strive to be your partner in healing and support you on your path to greater well being.

  • Pregnancy & Pediatrics

    Chiropractic care during pregnancy can create a multitude of positive changes! It will help to build strategies for rapid changes in the body, creating balance in the pelvis & spine, controlling nausea and helping with proper positioning of the baby.


Life is filled with a series of emotional, physical and chemical stresses. These events make up who you are and how you walk through life. Many live fast paced lives in an effort to do as much as possible in the shortest amount of time and maybe, not listening to your body along the way. Stored tension can lead to decreased communication between the brain and the body. As the communication breaks down your nervous system can become overwhelmed, disrupting the body’s natural rhythms and ability to heal. Essentially your body gets stuck in a state of defense. This can affect posture, musculature, energy level, immune response and an over production of stress hormones.

Pregnancy & Pediatrics

As a woman, you were born to experience the wonderful process of pregnancy and childbirth and you are doing it — congratulations! Throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum your body undergoes many changes. Chiropractic care during pregnancy creates a multitude of positive changes for you and your baby.

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI)

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) is designed to offer you new options in experiencing your body and your personal healing. Its very name tells the story Somato (Body) Respiratory (Breathing) Integration (Bringing Together the TWO). SRI educates you to your body rhythms and inner wisdom through focused attention, gentle breath, movement and touch.

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

An approach to healing and wellness that promotes increased communication between the brain and the body. Gentle, precise, light force contacts are applied to spinal gateways and other specific areas of peace and ease along the spine.

Love for Soulshine Wellness

  • When I was pregnant with my son, I experienced severe lower back pain and my tailbone was painful even after he was born. When he was 4, we met Dr. Wendy and within the first week of treatment the pain in my tailbone was gone and it's stayed away. I am eternally grateful!


  • I appreciate the flexibility Soulshine gives me with appointments. I usually feel better all week, the weeks that I am able to attend appointments and I notice more pain when I do not keep up with treatment. I'm able to sit through a full day of work without pain and I am able to recognize when I have tension in my body and utilize techniques to try alleviate it. Soulshine is good for my overall well-being.

    Ryan G.

  • I got pain relief from that first experience and knew it was something I wanted to continue with. All my weekly tension melts away so easily with Network! My posture is better and my pain and tension are greatly reduced. I love that Network is teaching my spine to remember proper alignment.

    Ann R

  • My daughter has been seeing Dr Wendy to treat her scoliosis. Her body has been correcting the scoliosis with the help of NSA chiropractic and Dr Wendy. This is such a relief for my husband and I. We did not want to see her have the same destiny as myself, with surgery for spinal fusion at a young age. We love the warmth and welcoming atmosphere of the office as well. We will see Dr Wendy forever because she has changed our lives for the better!


  • I love Network for myself and my son. Sam benefited with a better immunity and congestion relief. I feel great relief from stress as well as a greater awareness of my body and what it needs.

    Carrie & Sam R

  • I have little to NO more in pain in my neck and shoulders. My posture has improves and my sleep has as well. I'm less stressed and tired and much more patience with myself and others. Both of my boys feel extremely comfortable in the waiting room- the vibe is so friendly, caring, and energetic!

    Karyn M

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Welcome to Soulshine Family Wellness Center!

Here we strive be your partner in healing and support you on your path to greater well-being. At Soulshine, by increasing your awareness of what is really going on in our body, you can heal, change and evolve in our nurturing and respectful environment. It’s your time to shine and we look forward to being part of the process.

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Wendy E. Morris, D.C

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"I will never forget my first experience with Network care. The process was so gentle, graceful and empowering."

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Marley is a sweet Puggle, who has been coming to Soulshine since he was 14 weeks. Now at 8 years old Marley works hard to make everyone feel welcome at Soulshine!

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