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INSiGHT Scanning at Soulshine Family Wellness Center

image of spineAt Soulshine Family Wellness Center, we continually strive to enhance our practice members’ health and wellness journey. With the introduction of the advanced INSiGHT scanning technology, we empower practice members to understand their health better and make informed decisions. This tool provides a holistic view of your nervous system, enabling us to delve deeper into the root causes of your health issues and guide you towards natural wellness with our gentle touch.

Why Choose INSiGHT Scanning?

INSiGHT scanning is a non-invasive, gentle technique that offers a comprehensive snapshot of your body’s thermal patterns. Utilizing NASA-approved technology, this revolutionary tool has transformed chiropractic care with its precision and reliability. It enables us to obtain a baseline of your current health status and monitor improvements over time, thus providing tangible evidence of your progress towards optimal health.

Revealing Helpful Insights With Thermal Scans

Thermal scans offer valuable insights into your overall wellness and nervous system functionality. We can pinpoint potential pressure points or misalignments by identifying temperature variances along your spine. The color-coded results—from red (severe) through blue (moderate), yellow (mild), to white (normal)—allow for an easy understanding of your nervous system state. A balanced temperature distribution indicates optimal nerve function, our ultimate goal.

Assessments Tailored for All Ages

Our INSiGHT scanning technology caters to all—adults and children alike. For adults, the thermal scan can reveal the duration and impact of symptoms on their nervous system. Meanwhile, these scans can detect early patterns in children and highlight the potential long-term effects on their overall health. The scanning process is incredibly gentle, ensuring a comfortable, pain-free experience.

The Importance of Progress Tracking

We provide real-time assessments using INSiGHT scanning during your visit. This allows us to track your progress and empower you by showing the improvements in your nervous system over time. Witnessing these positive changes brings a sense of accomplishment and motivates you to continue your journey towards better health.

Take That First Step Today

If you’re ready to take control of your health and add vitality to your years, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wendy!


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